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Your identity doesn't determine your destiny, but your destiny determines your identity.

ricky allmon

Insightful Scholar, Inspiring Speaker,

Innovative Strategist

Dr. Ricky Allmon is the eldest of 12 Children, born to the late Bishop Richard V. Allmon,Sr. & Lady Lois A. Allmon, who instilled in him the virtue, values and vision necessary to become a compassionate human being and an effective leader.


As the result of being nurtured in an environment of affirmation and high expectations, Dr. Allmon began his prodigious leadership journey at age 11.

Dr. Ricky Allmon is committed to equipping and empowering Global Leaders for Social Consciousness, Secular Competence, and Spiritual Clarity.


Through his books, speaking engagements and strategic leadership coaching, Dr. Allmon seeks to inform and inspire others to explore their potential, engage their passion and expand their possibilities.

Dr. Ricky Allmon is CEO of The IMPACT Group, a non-profit leadership corporation designed to mentor and mobilize Global executives, transformational thought leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and church leaders to explore new dimensions of purpose and vision for maximized productivity. Dr. Allmon specializes in the psychology of leadership and the art of effective communication, which deals with how leaders think and the process of translating their values and vision to those around them. 

Dr. Allmon has made a lifelong commitment to learning and personal growth. He attended Southern University-Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for undergraduate and graduate studies in political science and psychology and Howard University-Washington, D.C, for graduate and post-graduate studies in divinity and public policy law. He is a voracious reader who is continually seeking to engage new ideas and strategies for greater effectiveness and impact.

Among the many awards and commendations that Dr. Allmon has received, he has been recognized as one of the 2015 Top 100 Leaders by the John Maxwell Leadership Organization.  Also, he was the 2005 recipient of the Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor Distinguished Preaching Institute - Exceptional Preaching Award, recognizing him as one of the premier teaching and preaching voices in the United States and beyond.


Dr. Ricky Allmon has established multiple churches and serves as a Mentor and Advisor to Pastors and Church planters both nationally and internationally


Dr. Allmon serves on various Advisory boards and committees, that intentionally engage Leadership development, Cultural diversity and Social equity.

Ricky shares in life, love and leadership with his beautiful wife Demi, who holds a Masters degree from the  Prestigious University of Chicago and a double PhD in Christian Counseling and Organizational Leadership. In Demi's current role as a Corporate Global Executive, she specializes in Corporate Governance and Succession Planning. Demi is very passionate about public service and women's empowerment. She has made a serious commitment to mentoring women of all ages, in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, as well as personal and spiritual development. 

The Allmons mantra and mandate is to touch lives anywhere, so they can transform the world everywhere.

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